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Page Plus is a No Contract Cell phone service provider that delivers nationwide cell phone service on the largest 3g cellular network in the country. Choose page plus iphone service and SAVE 50 to 75% on your monthly iphone 4/4s bill without signing a contract. gives you incredible value when using iphone service. Bring your current cdma iphone 4/4s and activate it remotely or buy a new or refurbishd iphone 4/4s today for page plus service. Get ALL of your iphone features, never compromise on the quality of service and take advantage of Unlimited nationwide calling, Unlimited text messaging with 3G MobileWeb (Data) included for only $40/month.

Page Plus is a Verizon MVNO, this means when you activate iphone on Page Plus, you are able to lower your Verizon bill and get out of your Verizon contract. Page Plus iPhone service is an excellent way to get yourself affordable iphone service. Before you activate iphone on Page Plus, please ensure that your iPhone meid is clean. If you have any questions before you order Page Plus iPhone Activation service, please feel free to open a live chat.

Why Prepaid iPhone Service is Better

Prepaid iphone service through Page Plus is an excellent way to lower your Verizon bill. The Page Plus iphone gives you all the advantages of contract iphone service without any of the hassles. With page plus iphone activation service is quick and simple. We 100% support your iphone when activated with Page Plus. The service is guaranteed to work with all apps and features throughout the life of the service. When you activate your iphone on Page plus you are getting the best value in iphone service. You do NOT have to pay outrageous iphone bills with your shared data plans, you have the flexibility to use the Page Plus iphone with a plan as low as $12 per month. We do NOT have to unlock or jailbreak your iphone to activate with Page Plus

Activate iPhone with Page Plus Wireless today and Save BIG! We can activate your iPhone with Page Plus remotely, transfer your current number or give you a new number local to your area. Remember, when you input your iphone meid to activate with Page Plus, please ensure to put your local zip code if you want a new number.

Page Plus Monthly Plans

  • $55 PagePlus Monthly Plan
  • Unlimited nationwide calls
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Unlimited picture messages
  • 2 GB of Mobile Web (Data)
  • $39.95 PagePlus Monthly Plan
  • Unlimited nationwide calls
  • Unlimited text messages
  • 500 MB of Mobile Web (Data)

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